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Our slide on campers that are imported are very unique to Australia with a very modern design and perfect workmanship.

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Cruisinator 6x6

Bonetti Campers


Bonetti Campers was established in 2012 by Stefano Bonetti.  Stefano is a qualified Swiss Master Mechanic and started his life in Australia with KEA Campers as their National Fleet and Operations Manager and during his 5 year tenure he learned the end to end process of camper and motorhome manufacturing, repair and conversions.  Stefano purchased a large inventory of spare parts for KEA vehicles during their liquidation process and has gone on to be the preferred KEA vehicle specialist in Australia.

Stefano’s passion are off road vehicles of all sizes and shapes and whilst he loved the KEA Conqueror he also understood it’s weaknesses and made it his mission to build a superior conversion for the Toyota Troopy …


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Next to the ™ production, we still repair and maintain the ex KEA Campers and any other Slide-on, Campervan, Motorhome and Caravan. We have a very loyal customer base from all over Australia who are happy to come up to the Sunshine Coast to get repairs and servicing done while enjoying a field trip or the long way round, we do upgrades on the battery, chargers, management and solar systems, modify lighting, modify and replace cabinetry and wheel allignment. We can assist with spring upgrades, tires and many things more. The benefit is you can rest assured that I know where is what and how things were made, why they were made that way and can bring back your vehicle to manufacturer's standards or make your vehicle better performing to suit your needs.


Bonetti Campers is the official importer of the Italian Mondo Pickup Slide-on Camper "Musica"



Mondo Pickup Slide-on Campers " Musica", the new "Nota" and customised Slide-ons are imported from Italy and finished here in Australia to local regulations and conditions. They are unique to Australia, ahead in technique and materials, very modern and innovative in design with excellent workmanship. The design suits the new aerodynamical styles of utes perfectly and create balance and harmony, no more shoe boxes style campers on a beauiful new ute.

The floorplan is outstanding in functionality and comfort. Everything is designed with purpose and finished in excellence.

You can stargaze while laying in the simple fold out bed or even climb thru the skylight onto the roof to embrace the beauty this world can deliver.

The Kitchen is spacious and everything is in reach. There is plenty of storage for everything.


To fit and remove the slide-on camper different systems are available to choose from. We can fit internally 4 electric driven jacking legs which are controlled by remote control.

The unit will be made to specifications and needs. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

We can build the outer shell in fibreglass or carbon fibre. All bodies are fully insulated and made in a 2 skin vacuum process, which gives maximum stability and ridgidity with lowest weight.




We are the only parts stockist for KEA Campervans, 4WD Campers and Motorhomes in Australia. Due to my career as Fleet Operations Manager for KEA Campers Australia, I have the insight and understanding of these vehicles and care about them with lots of TLC as you do.