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Our slide on campers that are imported are very unique to Australia with a very modern design and perfect workmanship.

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Technical Information Musica

"MUSICA" is an evolving living module for everyone who loves the freedom of itinerant tourism. It offers a versatility that is unmatched in other types of recreational vehicle. Using your every day or business pickup the world is open for you not just because you can enjoy off-road routes but also because you can easily park in the spaces provided for cars. The module detaches from the truck with a few simple steps and rises on its internal legs, allowing you to use your vehicle on its own for day to day transport or touring.


Made as an integral Monocoque in composite sandwich build, fully insulated against heat and cold, superior in strength and flexibility.


This revolutionary design is able to offer the comfort of a grand hotel suite room for a couple but has storage compartments and living space suitable for a family of up to four. The furniture is made with the use of lightweight materials and natural hardwood with systems that combined craftsmen's  hands and latest technologies to optimize the durability and quality of finish.



The living room is based on a large "L"shaped sofa and a nautical style table (removable) equipped with a unique pivoting and sliding operating system which offers outstanding versatility. The bathroom compartment is variable in size and takes shape with the use of a modern single structure in ABS scratch resistant material that integrates the toilet system with a unique electromechanical drain valve. The fixed sink and the fold down washbasin are in fiberglass and designed to be both ergonomic and elegant. By pulling out the front part of the shower cabin towards the hallway you increase shower space that offers further comfort without compromise


The kitchen has ample drawers and cupboards with soft close closure, a two-burner stove, a large sink and a convenient large compressor refrigerator with freezer compartment.

The environment, welcoming and refined comes to life as it meets the individual needs of every customer. Our customers are guaranteed our contribution of ideas and solutions, including a choice of colours and effects to help create a more personal interpretation that will make your "MUSICA" Slide-on Camper unique to you. The base vehicle which must be prepared with the coupling system does not need to be altered in structure or design because the Monocoque is fitted with its own anti-vibration system. The operation of hooking and unhooking is facilitated by a system of 4 self centering conical pins with an electromechanical locking system. The system of the aluminum legs incorporated into the Monocoque is activated using the wireless remote control (provided along with information for the manual emergency operation). This operation takes just a few minutes and the module can be lowered to the ground or moved on wheels, very useful for storage.



Fibreglass Monocoque


The construction of the shell is made with a closed form that creates the one piece shell,  fibreglass, kevlar or carbon fibre matting and resin, combined in an oven under vacuum gives a unique system to satisfy highest standards and guarantee highest strength.


The specific benefits of using fibre glass are:

  • Bending resistance: is superior to any other product used for the construction of car bodies in general
  • Shock resistance: due to the high level of flexibility it has a great propensity for shock absorption.
  • Thermal Resistance:  due to the structure in fiberglass, especially when combined and sandwiched with insulation sheets, it has a high insulating value that benefits in most climates, hot or cold.

A cell made as described above is called a "MONOCOQUE" as it is produced in one closed form in the absence of any joints and ensures absolute impermeability - even the floor is an integral part of the Monocoque. But water resistance is not everything. The Monocoque requires very little maintenance and maintains a good state of preservation; quality assurance which ensures and maintains the value of your investment at the time of purchase. Fiberglass is a material highly resistant and elastic and repairs can be carried out independently  of the base vehicle. Any car body repair shop could perform repairs in the event of an accident or mishap.


The rounded shape of the Monocoque "MUSICA" has been designed to eliminate the "box" effect to improve streamline aerodynamics without compromising inside space and functionality. The external appearance has been studied not only for aesthetic but above all for safety, including safety of third parties - the shape of the soft lateral edges guarantees a "chute" effect in the case of contact with pedestrians or cyclists. The streamlined shape maximises the aerodynamic design and in turn improves fuel consumption.


( This schedule is valid only for the longitudinal cab-over " L " shape dinette )




One foldout double bed in cab-over size 147cm x 210cm, cushion 80mm thick. Flat bed space, easy to fold together to save space, with spacoius lift top cabinets under bed front

One double bed in dinette 110 x 188 cm wide, removable cushios for under bunk space.





  • Expandable base for convenient comfort
  • Integrated cassette toilet with automated opening of the flap-Cassette removable from exterior
  • Day sink above toilet and fold down comfort sink with single lever tap mixer
  • Single lever tap mixer for shower
  • Vanity in stainless steel
  • LED lighting
  • Extractable showerhead
  • Adjustable  extractor fan
  • Safety  glass  mirror




Internal electromechanical lifting legs front and rear with remote control

Combined hot water system and heating, trumatic combi or choice of Diesel / Air or LPG / Air ( D with independent 14L fuel tank )

Heated floor, Cabinetry Fridge, Low Power Consumption, 110L capacity with freezer compartment.

2 AGM Baterries 12V at 100Ah each

Baterrie Charger system 20A 12V

Power connection to tow bar or rear lighting

Control panel Volt and Ampere

240V outlet with safety fuse

Internal and external Lighting in LED

Rectangular or round kitchen sink with single lever tap mixer

2 or 3 burner gas stove top with glass lid

Water taank 140L*

Waste water tant 100L*

*Optional integrated, insulated water tank 140L and 140L waste water tank for cold areas

Windows tinted in double glazing, integrated blinds and fly screen open able

Skylight 62x62cm, 180Ëš opening with fly screen

Air Condition 240V

Window in rear door with internal blind




The exterior of Musica can be personalized using water base lacquer or wrapping style decals; a very innovative way to change the colour or even graphic design. offering almost unlimited choices we can even produce a tri-dimensional carbon fibre effect.



Finally the customer can choose the interior colours that express his/her personality making the Musica a true home from home. The choices are not limited to the colour and materials of the upholstery but include a selection of different hardwood colours are styles. Latest technologies and high quality materials are used, for example aeronautical fibre glass composite panels for the bed base.



The cabin module is not limited to use as a camper or liveable module, there are unlimited possibilities to alter and modify the base cabins to suit the individual needs of every  owner. Do you need a workshop, a fire truck, ice cream sales vehicle, ambulance, command centre, quad transporter, bike transporter, mobile bank etc. Contact us with your inquiry and we are happy to discuss your project further - we have no limits so why should you.