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The customers experienced a "soft" floor  in the kitchen area. 

The only thorough repair is to remove all floor mounted furniture sand vinyl flooring, only that way the whole floor can be assessed and checked. The damaged floor boards need to be removed, the styrofoam dried additional fixing points,stiffening brackets welded to the frame and new, marine grade plywood boards fitted. 


The source of the water leak or water ingress will be located and rectified.

Then a new flooring of your choice will be laid. All furnitures and fittings will be refitted with same or better standard screws and bolts. 


As I was trained by the original manufacturer, the exact positioning, way of fitting and component knowledge will be used. There is no trial and error, I know how the vehicles wer build and all components, cable connections, fittings ect are fitted.That way we can guarantee is repaired exeeeding the manufacturers build quality and  that your KEA stays a KEA CAMPER.



your KEA will be a better KEA ever, you will love the strong feeling of the new floor and enjoy a new look out of your vehicle they way you like it.