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CRUISINATOR Interior Pictures

The interior is cnc drawn and cut to guarantee high quality lightweight poplar plywood made into a well designed , versatile  cabinetry that lasts a lifetime. The cabinetry is modular and we pride ourself to assist you with alterations to create the solution that suits your lifestyle.. 

Our fridge/ freezer is custom made locally, you may use it as a combination or fride or freezer only. The size is choosen carefully and has a volume of 75l, driven by a Danfoss B50 compressor unit.

When you choose the hot water option, a mixed faucet is fitted, filtered water spout is standard, the watertanks can be modified in size , we recommend a volume of 90l. We can supply  a grey water solution to accomodate a "Leave no Trace" accreditaition.



There is ample additional storage in the roof pouches to store safely alll thinsg that need to be easy accessed, lige charge cables for phones, sunglasses, mozzyspray ect.